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Community Heroes

Episode 10: Natalie Bartholomew

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted internal operations at financial brands as much as it did to local communities. It highlighted how, though much had been done to help support diversity, equity, and inclusion, there was still much work left to do. In our next Community Heroes episode with Natalie Bartholomew, we catch her insights on how the banking industry has changed and what more can be done to help support women, people of color, and economically disenfranchised areas. Together, by forming a coalition that focuses on empowerment and support, we can form stronger, more equitable communities.

community heroes connect episode 10 - natalie bartholomew

Follow Natalie on social media on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Time stamps

00:00 - Intro/Catching up

02:13 - Farm & Kids

04:24 - Girl Banker

09:33 - Changes in the Industry

12:23 - Work-life Balance

16:27 - What's next? Being Accessible on Social Media

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