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Community Heroes

Episode 12: Tara Salinas

Community bankers help make dreams happen – even when plans fall apart. As businesses felt the strain of the COVID-19 lockdowns, community bankers were there to help. As Tara Salinas, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Merchants and Planters Bank, saw and experienced first-hand, their assistance proved to be the difference between shutting down operations and surviving to see another day. As we look forward to the future of our communities, bank marketers will take the lessons learned from the past year and look for new ways to help interact, build, and strengthen our communities. Learn about Tara's remarkable impact by watching the video below.

community heroes - episode 12 - tara salinas
HubSpot Video

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Time stamps

00:00 - Introduction

01:14 - About Tara

05:43 - 2020 response

10:19 - How has the community been impacted?

15:06 - Future plans

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